Why GP Is Your Best Choice


Powerful, Reliable, Affordable

Tested and proved, GP engines run better than all the other engines of identical displacement on the market, and more important, at a reasonable cost. 


Quality Component Parts

Our component parts lay the groundwork for the outstanding performance of GP engines.  They are from our world-class suppliers that also provide quality parts to well-known two-stroke engine makers in the US, Europe, or Japan.


NGK Spark Plug

From standard copper to advanced iridium, they are nothing short of professional makers of all materials of spark plugs.

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SKF Bearing

100 years’ knowledge and experiences have enabled them to design bearings that can reduce energy use, decrease maintenance costs, improve machine reliability, and contribute to global sustainability.

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Walbro Carburetor

Walbro is a longstanding global market leader in engine management and fuel systems.

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How Are GP Parts Made?

Component parts inside a GP engine are specially machined through various processing which aims to escalate structural precision, life expectancy, and mechanic performance to the highest level.


Gravity Die Casting

GP respectively chooses the ideal casting process for each component. In the case of cylinders and pistons, they are produced through Gravity Die Casting, also known as permanent mold.

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Dynamic Balancing and Forging

Two techniques GP applies to produce crankshafts are the dynamic balancing and forging. The former method is to ensure the crankshaft is balanced when rotating. The latter is to make the shaft even stronger.

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Nodular Cast Iron Piston

To ensure combustion chamber stays entirely sealed for high compression and thus power output, Ductile Cast Ring is adopted, for it can resist a high level of bending, friction, and avoid breaking.

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The Made-for-flight Design

GP engine isn’t just an average two stroke. Its elaborate design makes itself a fitting engine for 3D flights. They not only aim to consume less fuel but to increase their enduringness.


Within the crankshaft, our refined structure involves an elongated, strengthened crankcase and a precision front bearing in proximity to the propeller hub.

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GP-designed long forged steel connecting rod and piston pin contribute to the reduction in friction and rise in power.

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Reed Valve Set

Their compatibilities and fitness can run well in all attitudes and with all throttle settings.

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